Family Saver Model HM-626 PMS 10-year Smoke Alarm

The Family Saver Model HM-626 PMS 10-year Smoke Alarm is a standalone photoelectric smoke alarm designed to provide ultimate peace of mind for Kiwi homes.

EPI Group is the exclusive New Zealand supplier for Family Saver Model HM-626 PMS smoke alarm – the preferred smoke alarm for Kāinga Ora (formally Housing NZ).

The HM-626PHS monitors the presence of smoke in real-time and detects visible particles (smouldering fire) quicker than an ionization detector. Once it detects smoke, and the danger of fire, its LED red indicating light flashes and quickly activates a loud sound alarm to warn and protect you and your family.


  • Infrared photoelectric sensor 
  • Over 10 years of battery life means there is no need for replacements
  • Audio-visual alarm of over 85db 
  • Contains a test/hush function button to test the normal operation of the device

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